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This Is A Study of The Social Impact of A New Casino In Town


In a 2012 study of casino crime by the University of Maryland they found that there is a 10% increase in substance abuse, suicide, violent crime, thief and bankruptcy when a new casino opens in town.
Studies have found 8-9 % of crime increases at a cost near $ 70 per year for every person living nearby a casino. After Atlantic City’s rapid casino growth in the 1980’s crime increased by 100 % in a 30 mile radius surrounding the area.

I also found most of the people for the casino do not live in the area and care nothing about all of this. The people for it, that live in the area know nothing at all about this.
No good can come from a casino being built in Medford Suffolk. The lesson needs to be learned from other failures.

Brentwood parents seek to ensure kids’ safety amid violence

Parents of Brentwood students as young as age seven said Wednesday night they fear for their children when they see them off to school, wondering each day whether they’ll return home safely.

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Suffolk police seek grant money to fund ShotSpotter

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Timothy Sini said Wednesday he plans to seek grant funding to continue to pay for gunshot detection technology in some of the county’s most crime-ridden areas.

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LI terrorist-turned informant deserves credit, defense attorney says

A defense lawyer told a Brooklyn federal judge Tuesday that Long Island terrorist-turned-informant Bryant Neal Vinas deserved credit for being “the single most valuable al-Qaida cooperator” ever at a hearing to prepare for his sentencing.

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